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Tired of yoga classes with sweat dripping off your nose?  Yoga doesn't have to make you a sweaty mess. 

We come to your location with everything necessary to have a breezy balanced class.

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The birth of
Breezy Balance Yoga

My name is Shelly, and my employer decided to bring in a yoga teacher once a week.  I didn't have any faith that I'd like it or that I was capable of moving my body in those ways.  

Day one arrived and so did an 8 month pregnant yoga teacher!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I knew that if she could move her body - I could learn to move mine. 


I suffered from regular moments of dizziness as a result of a bad car wreck in 2011.  Through weekly yoga practices I soon saw a difference in the dizziness and noticed it was happening less and less.  I also had awful pain in one of my feet that sports doctors, podiatrists and pain management doctors couldn't identify.  My yoga practice also solved the excruciating foot pain when all modern medicine could offer was pills or exploratory surgery. 


I'm so thankful that I was brave enough to try yoga because it has improved my life both physically and emotionally. 

I decided to share my story because at 5' 10", 260 pounds, I was not a believer, but I now enjoy holding space for anyone that might be too intimidated to walk through the doors of a traditional yoga studio.  I truly hope to pay forward some of the gifts that yoga has brought to my life.  

Join me in my studio or I'll come to your location.

My studio is built to be breezy!  Fans in every corner, soothing lights and cool temperatures. 


Prefer to practice at your location? 

No problem!  I'll arrive, fully insured, with all the necessary items including oscillating fans.

Pricing varies greatly depending on location, class size, and other variables. 

Don't let money stand in your way of gaining the benefits of yoga - please contact me for more information.


Yoga for larger bodies 

Empower Yourself

A judgement free, safe space reserved for only apple shaped bodies to ask questions, play with props and enhance your practice.  We meet in my breezy studio or in private, scenic outdoor spaces when weather allows.

It's free to join this group where you'll receive all class announcements, be able to reserve your spot and pre-pay for classes that are specifically sequenced for larger bodies  :-)

Menopausal Classes

Learn to cool the body and quiet the mind

This is a time of change in our bodies and we need some extra "me time" to maintain our bodies, minds and spirits. 


Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Yoga Meditation

Controlling the mind and breath

Our lives today are busy and hectic.  Learn the importance of recharging yourself.  Find your way to silence, then calm in a space where you can just be.  

Meditation Class

Assisted Living Classes

Gentle stretching and toning

We come to your location ready to bring the fun as we teach older bodies to move easier and feel lighter.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Contact me to find out which class will benefit you the most, and reserve your spot today.

Sunny Rainbow

We will make time for wellness or be forced to spend time on illness.

*read that again*

Pebble Beach

Contact Shelly

Yoga has changed my life for the better in more ways than I'm able to articulate.  I never imagined being a teacher, but I now have a burning passion for sharing the amazing benefits with anyone that needs help to find their balance, alleviate pain, calm their senses, change their perspective and find joy in their lives. 
I hope to see you on the mat ~ Namaste!


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